29. Sep 2014.Strengthening of SCTM's capacity

SCTM and FoNet created a multimedia service ‘Municipalities’

In cooperation with the Serbian news agency FoNet, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities created a multimedia (news, video, photo and audio) service ‘MUNICIPALITIES’ which is at disposal for informative purposes to all local authorities in Serbia.

This service is created within the program ‘Support to Local Governments in Serbia in the EU Integration Process ‘ which is funded by Sweden, and is free of charge for local governments in this trial period. This media service is at disposal to all cities and municipalities in Serbia starting with September 2013.

Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities decided to start this kind of cooperation with the news agency FoNet in order to jointly promote the activities of local governments and improve the media reporting on local issues, as well as to improve the general visibility of municipal level of authority within the citizens and bring closer local administrations and public.

For this purposes and alongside other specialized services such as Euroservice, Regions and Citizen, new multimedia service ‘Municipalities’ is created on the news agency’s website www.fonet.rs and it offers relevant news, video clips, photos and audio records sent by local administrations’ press officers.

Information published by this service are at disposal to all national, regional and local media, government and non-government organisations, national and international institutions, etc. Furthermore, relevant reports will be broadcasted on  FoNet’s Internet TV www.fonetweb.tv which is accessible to all citizens.

Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities hopes this media service will contribute to better informing of Serbian citizens on local activities.

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