16. May 2014.Strengthening of SCTM's capacity

SCTM brought together the city and municipal PR managers


The first gathering of the network of city and municipal PR Managers established by Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities took place in Belgrade on 13th of May.

This is the first time in Serbia, an institution or an organization brought together the city and municipal PR managers and SCTM intention is to make this gathering a traditional gathering where people from the same profession meet, share experiences and innovations in the field of public relations.

50 city and municipal PR managers attended this meeting, hung out, talked about the problems of the profession and showed support for this type of gathering.

PR Managers had the opportunity to hear two presentations by renown national PR expert (Srđan Staletović) and journalist (Suzanu Trninić, RTV B92) on this meeting:
- public relations in local government with emphasis on the current status, weaknesses and untapped potential
- how should the communication with the media look and how it can be improved, from the perspective of a journalist

The goal of the next gathering of city and municipal PR manager will be to analyze in depth specific areas of PR (external communications, internal communications, crisis PR, online communication, etc. ..), and for this purpose SCTM conducted a survey amongst PR colleagues in local administrations and asked them to suggest topics and level of training that they need in order to continue training schemes. Following their proposals, SCTM will provide the highest quality professionals in the given field to the lecture and discussion on the next gathering to help municipal PR managers further improve their knowledge and skills.


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